High quality 8″ wide range driver for low & mid frequencies upgraded in house and 1″ compression driver with titanium diaphragm for high frequencies.

MARVEL, a two way design, compact enough to house a back loaded bass horn loading a wide range 8″ driver. Bass horn fires to the floor and it’s build of grade A, 13 layer Baltic birch plywood. Mid frequencies are radiated directly by the cone while the high frequencies are handled by our proprietary epoxy compound tractrix horn.

Crossovers are of 1st order and located on the bottom of the bass horn well away from driver’s magnetic fields with components hard wired for best contact. All internal wiring are custom made of high purity OFC copper with waxed cotton insulation. Brass bracing parts with felt acoustic isolation are used to minimize vibrations transfer on contacts of the horns.

High frequencies horn is located on the side of the bass horn mechanically time aligned for a time coherent result.

User can adjust the level and beaming of the high frequencies horn to fine tune MARVEL to the listening room and position.


  • System Sensitivity: 97db
  • Impedance Nominal: 8ohms
  • Crossover: @ 2500HZ
  • Recommended Power: > 5watt
  • Recommended Amplifiers: Low-mid powered tube or solid state with low or no feedback.
  • Recommended Placement: Near wall or room corner is desirable.
  • Preferred clearance between speakers: >1.5 m.
  • Listening Distance: >2 m.
  • Dimensions: H149cm, W32cm, D56cm
  • Weight:  42Kgr each

We offer customer selected finish of any color paint or natural wood veneer.