Active horn subwoofer KION is designed to reproduce the first octaves of the acoustic spectrum in large rooms without any limitation. It’s room friendly limited footprint allows to integrate it in limited space setups and the usage of multiple subs if preferred.

The horn, tuned to the lower acoustic limit, fires to the floor and loads a 12” sub bass woofer. Ιt’s full length is braced to avoid any colorations and build of grade A Baltic birch plywood. The embedded -more than adequate- 100W switching amplifier will reproduce a max spl of about 120db depending on placement.


  • Sensitivity: 100db
  • Adjustments: Volume, Phase 0-360 deg, Crossover frequency 30-120Hz,  Bassboost frequency 20-50Hz and level 0 – +6db.
  • Inputs: Stereo line level RCA or high level speaker binding posts.
  • Inputs impedance: Line level 10KΩ, High level 1ΚΩ.
  • Recommended Placement: Near room limits or corner.
  • Dimensions: H170cm, W33cm, L39cm
  • Weight:  45Kgr

We offer customer selected finish of any color paint or natural wood veneer.