Epitome, ancient Greek ἐπιτομή, the ultimate representative of its class

Three way, all passive, fully horn loaded loudspeaker.

EPITOME is a trickle down project of our flagship AVATON aiming to deliver a no compromise horn loudspeaker for mid to large listening rooms.

Used our virtual mouth technology on bass horn loading which delivers a flat response down to 35Hz. Bass driver is a super linear, massive 15”er.

Asymmetrical midbass horn mouth of 6.000cm2, triple layer build with damping materials between the layers. Throat of the horn are coated with epoxy/CNT compound for extra stiffness.

High horn, further development of the cast compound used in our ANIMA model with an upgraded driver.

1st order networks used in all ways. Crossovers are located outboard which also allows the crossover parts be well spaced to avoid any kind of interference. Additionally the network is distant from all driver’s magnetic fields. Components are hand selected and hard wired for best contact (no PCB).

All internal wiring are custom made of high purity OFC copper with waxed cotton insulation. Brass bracing parts with felt acoustic isolation are used to minimize energy transfer on contacts of the different horns.

User adjustable mid and hi frequencies level which allows to finetune EPITOME to the listening room. Beaming adjustment of the high frequencies horn is also available to match the listening position.


  • System Sensitivity: 105db
  • Impedance Nominal: 8ohms
  • Crossover: @ 150HZ & 1500HZ
  • Recommended Power: > 3watt
  • Recommended Amplifiers: Low-mid powered tube SETs or solid state Class A amplifiers.   Low or no feedback designs are recommended.
  • Recommended Placement: Near wall or room corner placement is desirable.
  • Preferred clearance between speakers: >2 m.
  • Listening Distance: >3 m.
  • Dimensions: H165cm, W55cm, D115cm

We offer customer selected finish of any color paint or natural wood veneer.


Press credits

High End 2023 – Ten Collection: la creme de la creme

“Indeed, the new Trafomatic Rhapsody 300B stereo integrated amplifier combined with horn-loaded Tune Audio Epitome speakers, both in a striking red, and a Rockna Signature Anniversary R-2R Ladder DAC produced truly magical sounds. Chris Jones’ voice sounded so organic I could swear he was in the room. The backing vocals created a haunting atmosphere and contrasted well with Jones’ raw and emotional vocals. Combined with the bass guitar, they created a truly mesmerizing musical experience”

Thank you José Victor Henriques and HIFICLUBE.NET


“The resulting sound was nothing short of pure, lifelike authenticity. It was as if the walls of the room dissolved, transforming the space into a live concert venue. Bereft of any digital harshness, the experience was a celebration of unadulterated, natural sound. The loudspeakers themselves deserve significant praise for their tremendous soundstage and remarkable presence, devoid of any jarring elements.”

Thank you Headmania.org


“It proved to possess all the hallmarks of a well-designed, big horn system: speed, immediacy, and effortlessness. The supporting cast consisted of a Rockna music server and DA-converter with a Trafomatic amplifier; the latter two sported a red livery to match the big horns”

Thank you Eric van Spelde at Hifi Pig


“Typical for the more high-end and specialized setups is that many great brands are married to a music system that sounds very special”

Thank you HiFi.nl


“Tune Audio Epitome sound with vertical asymmetrical horn and bass horn. Energetic and plausible piano as well by energy as timbres, a homogeneous transparency, a certain delicacy.”

Thank you lebeauson.fr!


In the list for BoS for Sound News

“This was a creamy, warm, and full-bodied-sounding setup that was constantly sending goosebumps throughout my body.”

“Unconventional in shape for horns? Perhaps. However, the Tune Audio Epitome 105db sensitive, three-way horn-loaded loudspeaker sounded terrific.”

Thank you Stereonet UK!


“… from time to time it is worth pampering yourself with such a refreshing show of dynamics and resolution”

Thank you Soundrebels


In the list Best of Show for SoundNews.net

“I’ve got intricacies and nuances, overflowing smoothness and a full relaxation of body and mind”


One of three Best of Show for HIFIlive Magazine

Many thanks to Jose Manuel Delgado Mendoza


“There was something about the dynamic ease of this system that really appealed to me with effortless mid-band to boot. Look and drool!”

Thank you Hifi Pig !