άβατον, ancient Greek, a place that entrance is allowed only for believers

Three way, all passive, fully horn loaded loudspeaker.

AVATON is the realization of a five year development project aiming to deliver a no compromise horn loudspeaker for large listening rooms.

Used our virtual mouth technology on bass horn loading which delivers a flat response down to 32Hz. Bass driver is a super linear, massive 27KGs 18”er.

Asymmetrical midbass horn mouth of 10.000cm2, triple layer build with damping materials between the layers. Throat of the horn are coated with epoxy/CNT compound for extra stiffness.

High horn, further development of the cast compound used in our ANIMA model with an upgraded driver.

1st order networks used in all ways. Crossovers are located outboard which also allows the crossover parts be well spaced to avoid any kind of interference. Additionally the network is distant from all driver’s magnetic fields. Components are hand selected and hard wired for best contact (no PCB).

All internal wiring are custom made of high purity OFC copper with waxed cotton insulation. Brass bracing parts with felt acoustic isolation are used to minimize energy transfer on contacts of the different horns.

User adjustable mid and hi frequencies level which allows to finetune AVATON to the listening room. Beaming adjustment of the high frequencies horn is also available to match the listening position.


  • System Sensitivity: 105db
  • Impedance Nominal: 8ohms
  • Crossover: @ 120HZ & 1100HZ
  • Recommended Power: > 3watt
  • Recommended Amplifiers: Low-mid powered tube SETs or solid state Class A amplifiers.   Low or no feedback designs are recommended.
  • Recommended Placement: Near wall or room corner placement is desirable.
  • Preferred clearance between speakers: >2 m.
  • Listening Distance: >4 m.
  • Dimensions: H210cm, W102cm, D210cm

We offer customer selected finish of any color paint or natural wood veneer.


Press credits

“I was listening with David Chesky, to a recording made by David Chesky, of a piano played by David Chesky; and we were both looking at each other, shaking our heads. When it was over, we both agreed, this was closest any loudspeaker ever got to reproducing the density and presence of a real piano. I left the room in tears from the experience.”

Herb Reichert @ Stereophile


“One of the more visually arresting systems that still sounded remarkably lifelike (that is not always the case, dear readers), came at the synergistic interaction of Serbia’s Trafomatic Audio electronics, Romania’s Rockna Audio sources, and Greece’s TuneAudio speakers, using a full loom of the Norwegian Skogrand cables”

Greg Weaver at EnjoyTheMusic


“After just a minute of listening I asked myself, “What is this? What am I hearing?” STOP THE PRESSES!!! This was an Oh My God sonic revelation!”

AVATON in the best of show systems “Biggest pleasant surprise!”

Ron Resnick @ MONO and STEREO high end magazine


Most Emotional Experience

“Our connection with music should be emotional, it should move you in some way whether that’s to make you smile, laugh or cry…if it touches you then it’s good. To me, the mark of great Hifi is if it just gives you that connection to the music. Hands down the most emotional connection that we…and many others felt, was in the Tune Audio room. Partnered with Traformatic Audio and Skogrand Cables, the huge Tune Avaton horns that Manolis Proestakis makes sounded sublime. The music that they played was performed by Manolis’s wife, recorded just before they set of for the show. It was a piece by Chopin and, even though I am not a fan of classical, the piano playing was so emotional and moving, it was just beautiful, it brought tears to our eyes. Great job by the whole team involved with this room..this is what Hifi should be about.”

Linette Smith @ HifiPig


“Some speakers stand out because of their special appearance. They are beautiful (which of course is in the eye of the beholder), that they do not have to make any sound to have their right to exist. You can also simply accept them as objects – arts. Such a candidate is Tune Audio. The nice thing about Tune Audio is that the speakers also sound wonderful. A big, wide, highly relaxed sound with a high degree of naturalness.”

Ingo Schulz at Fidelity


“… when we add the ease and spaciousness of the music playing, it turns out that when we have the right room, the dream of a music lover who is in love with the tubes, a true cloud nine moment, thanks to this configuration, can come true.”

Jacek Pazio @ SoundRebels


We would like to congratulate Tune Audio with partners from Trafomatic Audio, Rockna Audio and Skogrand Cables for winning our Cupiditas award for the most desired system during the 2018 High End Society Munich show.



“The most “musical” system in this year’s show? You bet.”

Panagiotis Karavitis at Part-Time Audiophile


“This was my favorite of my three favorite large rooms at the show”

Mike & Cornelia at Audio Federation


“The big horns were pushed along nicely by Trafomatic amps and the unmistakable Skogrand cables hooked everything up wonderfully.”

Jay Garrett at Stereonet UK


“I must say it turned out probably the most “do not horn” sound. Cheerfully and with a good intelligibility of the played just rock. For me, this system has become indicative at the exhibition in the sense that such structures and systems are not required to paint, and can just sound great on a variety of music.”

Victor Gorbatov at Stereo.ru


“… monumental horn speaker Avaton, which are reminiscent of historic Western Electric, but are in full tonal sound and even chamber music touchingly realistic play.”



“Among the systems that I liked the most this year …”

José Manuel Delgado  at HiFiLive magazine


“The sound was effortless, emerging naturally from a huge soundstage, which was evident even far outside the sweet spot. These huge horns completely disappeared in the room. A very impressive system.”



“Eye Candy Galore! “What the F+%$!!” says John as we scrolled into this suite! “Yep, my dear friend, this is what High End Munich is all about” I replied. Not just outlandish but CRAZY looking and good sounding in every way imaginable! Crazy good is exactly how I’d describe both the look and sound of Tune Audio’s 3-way Avaton horned loudspeakers…”


“Tune Audio – one of the more original and intriguing visual and sound systems. ”


“The system as a whole was hugely dynamic and definitely in the top five rooms of the show …”

” … the new Avaton three way horns are even more gigantic and the sound the sound was fantastic and incredibly dynamic…really a case of the actual listening experience matching up to the visual impact of the system…”


“On the way to Tune Audio, whose horns represent a personal highlight every year … already with the first notes I sink into bliss in the second row of chairs – voices, especially women’s voices can hardly make a horn better.”


“I felt like I was in candy store. Everything looked colourful, mouthwatering, and sugary… the sound was also drawing me into the sweet spot for an extended listening session. Another room of horn delights was having it’s way with me at High End in Munich. This time it was Tune Audio who was demoing the premier of the gorgeous three-way, horn-loaded Avaton loudspeaker …”