The Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand why we collect your personal data and how we use it. Please take the time to read it carefully.

This policy applies to all of you who visit the site and use our services through our site.

In any case, the Company certifies that any collection, processing, and/or storage of your personal data is done in accordance with the law and only with your explicit special consent and only for the purposes and to the extent required for the operation of the website.


The security of your personal information is important to us, so for your safe navigation, the Company takes every appropriate measure by adopting modern high-quality security standards in accordance with market trends. The site uses TLS 1.3 encryption with up to 256-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL), which is enabled when you log in to it.

We follow the standard industrial procedure for the protection of personal information and personal data submitted to us, both during their transmission and at the time of receipt. We impose on our third parties who have access to your data the obligation to comply with appropriate measures and undertake to process your personal data in compliance with the law and always in accordance with our instructions. However, no method of transmission via the Internet, or any method of electronic storage is 100% secure. Therefore, while we use the best means to protect your personal information, we can not guarantee absolute security.

In addition, for your safety, all your data is stored within the European Union or in companies that belong to the Privacy Shield, and all the conditions of the European Data Protection Regulation are met. In addition, encrypted copies of the information you have entered are kept.

You have access to the data you have entered using the user account (email) and the password (password) that you have set. Each access to your account is logged so that you can know when was the last time you accessed your account.

The Company takes the necessary measures in order to protect your personal data, but you should also keep in mind that the safe navigation on the website, as well as the protection of the password in your personal account, is up to you.


The Company ensures that the website is in accordance with the provisions of the Law on “Personal Data Protection” In any case, the Company certifies that any collection, processing, and/or storage of your personal data is done in accordance with the law. By using its services you responsibly declare that you are over 16 years old.

Minor visitors have the opportunity to access it and its services, only with the consent and under the supervision of their parents or guardians, without the obligation to submit their personal information. In case of submission of such data by minors without parental consent and supervision, the Company immediately deletes the relevant information given its prior notification, as it may not be aware of it.

Personal Data & Processing

While browsing the site is possible without disclosing your personal information which constitutes personal data, you may benefit from more services if you agree to disclose certain personal information depending on the service you are interested in.

In a non-automated way

In any case, a necessary condition for starting and processing your communication with our Company is the disclosure by you of some of your personal information such as your name and email.

Finally, for your registration on the website, you need to state your email, your name, and your specialty

In an automated way

While browsing the website, we collect information to ensure the services provided and their quality through the use of cookies, web server logs (server functionality and performance log files), and web beacons (technique by adding tags -tags- to websites and emails that allow the discreet -usually invisible- verification that a user -anonymous- has access to some content). Our servers use your computer’s IP (computer address on a network) to record traffic.


Improving the services provided

The Company uses the data for communication purposes, statistical analysis, and improvement of the services provided.

Data related to the use of our website is collected as it helps us to evaluate its functionality (eg page traffic, browser used, visitor origin, etc.) and allows us to general statistical analysis without reference to individual user data.

We use third-party web analytics services to monitor the site. The providers of these services use technologies such as cookies, web server logs, and web beacons. The usage information collected and transmitted to these providers (including the IP address) helps to analyze how visitors use the site, whether they are new or old visitors. No personal information is collected or sent such as name, phone, email and there is no user identification.

Quality assurance and safety

The Company uses the data it collects so that it can detect cases of attacks in a timely manner and protect itself from them.


The Company certifies that it will not use your personal information for use not specifically authorized by you, nor to send or disclose to third parties (natural or legal persons) not related to the Company your information without your explicit and specific consent to this.

Storage time

The storage time of personal data is adjusted according to the case.

In cases of processing necessary under a legal framework (eg preservation of commercial documents), the time period is adjusted according to the applicable provisions.

In cases of execution of contractual obligations, their storage is maintained for as long as is deemed necessary for their execution, as well as the establishment, exercise, support of legal claims.

In the cases of implementation of promotion and advertising actions, they are kept until the withdrawal of your consent at any time you want it. The Company can legally process the data until the time of revocation.

Visitor / customer rights

TuneAudio.com enables its visitors/customers to access the user account where their personal data collected and stored as above are kept and to make corrections, deletions, modifications, and additions of the data and information they have submitted in this.

The rights that every natural person has regarding the processing of his data are summarized as follows:

Right of access: It can request a copy of the data we hold about it and check if it is being processed legally.
Right of correction: May request correction and updating of his personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
Right of deletion: He can request the deletion of the data kept for him, according to his consent, except in cases where this right is subject to restrictions (eg existence of a contract, processing of data required by law, public interest). No specific justification is required for the right of deletion.
Right to restrict processing: He may request that the processing of his personal data be stopped when their accuracy is questioned, the processing is illegal, the data is no longer needed by the controller
Right to object to the processing: He may object to the processing of his personal data.
Right to portability: Has the right to request the transfer of his data to another controller.
Right to information / Transparency: It is the right to know who is processing their data, what it is, and for what reason.

To revoke his consent he can choose the unsubscribing possibilities provided in the electronic communications or contact the Company at the email: info@tuneaudio.com and inform about it.


Every visitor / customer has the right to complain to the Personal Data Protection Authority (www.dpa.gr). Telephone: +30 210 6475600, Fax: +30 210 6475628, Email: contact@dpa.gr Postal Address: 1-3 Kifissias Avenue, PC 115 23, Athens

Visitors/customers can also submit any question/request regarding the processing of their personal data and exercise any legal right by contacting the Personal Data Processor at tel: +30 6974770873 email: info@tuneaudio.com


TuneAudio.com has the ability to use cookies, to provide visitors/customers with information and better services as well as for the most efficient and immediate processing of queries, to create personalized ads according to the interests and needs of the visitor/customer, and for Compilation of anonymous reports and statistical analyzes that help to better understand and improve the use of the TuneAudio.com website.

Cookies are alphanumeric small files, which are sent and stored on the computer of each visitor/customer, storing settings and choices he has already made on the TuneAudio.com website so that they appear automatically during his next visits to the website and to facilitate the Company in understanding the way in which it makes use of the website. It is noted that cookies do not cause damage to the computer of visitors/customers nor to the files stored on them.

The personal identity of the visitor cannot be verified through cookies. The visitor has the ability to disable the use of cookies. However, some features are only available through the use of cookies, and disabling them may affect their availability.

The cookies we use are divided into two categories: Temporary “session” cookies and permanent “persistent” cookies. Session cookies are temporarily stored as files on your computer but are automatically deleted when you close the browser or leave the site. They can also help us understand the user and his movements on our site. Persistent cookies are stored as files on your computer and remain there if you close the browser unless you delete them. We do not use cookies to extract information about your traffic to other websites or to verify personal information. Cookies do not corrupt or damage your computer, programs, or files.

Google Web Analytics Cookies allow us to track customer interaction with the site. This gives us valuable information that allows us to improve its user experience. These cookies do not store personal information as other websites do and are based solely on browsing history.

Through your browser settings, you can delete already stored cookies at any time, prevent the installation of new cookies, or ask to be asked every time a cookie is to be installed on your computer. For more information, you can contact your browser’s service page.

The cookies we use are the following:

Functionality: Cookies that help in the storage and preservation of the user’s personal choices/settings such as user username (only for health professionals) etc.

Usage: cookies that contribute to the understanding of the use of TuneAudio.com by visitors/customers, eg which pages they visit most often if they are new or old visitors, error pages, etc. These cookies may also be provided by third-party web analytics tools providers such as Google Analytics for the purpose of compiling aggregate anonymous reports to improve the website. The usage information is kept for 24 months.

Advertising: Cookies that help us to show you ads related to your interests, to create targeted ads, to measure and evaluate their effectiveness, to remember your visit to TuneAudio.com and other sites. This information can be used by other advertising channels of the company but also for the evaluation and reward of external partners who promoted your visit to us.

What happens if you disable Cookies?

This depends on which cookies you have disabled, but generally, the website may not work properly if all cookies are disabled. If you only disable third-party cookies, you will be able to make purchases on our website.