ANIMA, latin for [soul]

All passive, fully horn loaded, three way loudspeaker.


ANIMA’s distinguished design is build around it’s bass horn which stands tall and fires to the floor. Mid height on the side the mid range horn and on top the high range horn. Horns are mechanically time aligned for a time coherent result.

Massive 15” woofer for low frequencies and 5” for mid frequencies both upgraded in house. 1” compression driver with neodymium magnet and titanium diaphragm for high frequencies.

Bass and mid horns are build of grade A, 13 layer Baltic birch plywood while the high horn is build from our proprietary epoxy with several aggregates compound.

1st order networks used in all ways. Crossovers are located at the bottom of the bass horn which allows the crossover parts be well spaced to avoid any kind of interference and distant from all driver’s magnetic fields. Components are hand selected and hard wired for best contact (no PCB).

All internal wiring are custom made of high purity OFC copper with waxed cotton insulation. Brass bracing parts with felt acoustic isolation are used to minimize energy transfer on contacts of the different horns.

User adjustable mid and high frequencies level which allows to fine tune ANIMA to the listening room. Beaming adjustment of the high frequencies horn is also available to match the listening position.


  • System Sensitivity: 109db
  • Impedance Nominal: 8ohms
  • Crossover: @ 250HZ & 1500HZ
  • Recommended Power: > 3watt
  • Recommended Amplifiers: Low-mid powered, tube SETs or solid state.   Low or no feedback designs are recommended.
  • Recommended Placement: Near wall or room corner is desirable.
  • Preferred clearance between speakers: >2 m.
  • Listening Distance: >3 m.
  • Dimensions: H158cm, W87cm, L87cm
  • Weight:  75Kgr each

We offer customer selected finish of any color paint or natural wood veneer.


Press credits

“A spectacle in all senses, and for all senses. Loved it — and all very well done.”
Part Time Audiophile


“The Trafomatic Audio Elysium amps, Tune Audio Amina & Rockna Wavedream made lovely, natural big sounds at MOC 2016. It was playing Nat King Cole & the Star Wars sound track as I sat there, mesmerized by the vocal performance and thrilled by the cinematic dynamics of the John Williams composition. Certainly up there with all the Best Sound of Show at MOC 2016!”


“The Tune Audio Anima room is a perennial favorite of mine at the Munich show, as they rarely fail to deliver less than really good sound. They also …”
Positive Feedback


“Some large systems with Tune Audio speakers pavilions that makes us enter a new acoustic dimension, these pavilions give back life to the trumpet of Miles Grand. natural that reinvents itself, the sound stage is just breathtaking.”
République du Son!


“And the sound? Tube only in wood. Receive similar to the appearance of a very interesting, but rather for connoisseurs.”


“One cannot make up one’s mind whether to look or listen. Does it sound good because it all looks so exotic and warm? Musical, relaxed, easy on the ear and eye-catching, indeed. Unless I was hypnotized by the tube glow, my notes read A.”


“Where price really was no issue, the Trafomatic/Tune Audio room was the best way to go.”


“In Tune Audio, a sound spectacle still vibrant and grandiose.”


“Tune Audio Anima horn loudspeaker wet an audiophile’s dream of audio nirvana. Well, horn speakers may not suit everyone’s taste (that I do agree), but this set up is a dreamer’s dream. The sound is mesmerizing, seductive and easily assimilative. Yes, the tones and bells were surreal enough that you will ask the question, are you serious?! They are that great even at show condition…I enjoyed them 3 times
Mono & Stereo


“The rather fascinating-looking and sounding system was …”


“One of the absolute highlights of the show for me with my only regret being I couldn’t stay longer and enjoy.”

Tune Audio with its horn system Anima is already an old acquaintance of the fair in Munich, but this time the reference presentation relates more to the great stricken partner Mood Wright accompanied by the sound system was emphasized faster, more transparent and with much more discipline.


They don’t come much bigger or hornier than the Tune Audio Anima loudspeakers, they have sounded amazing whenever we have heard them but this year, paired with Modwright electronics,  Skogrand cables and a VPI turntable they were very special…yes they are big, but why not if you have the room!


Dynamics, scale and sheer musicality were the order of the day in this room.


The system had wonderful harmonics with all the big dynamics one expects from a properly done horn system. I really enjoyed my time within this room and of course VPI turntables are making their presence known at all the shows around the world.
ModWright collaborated again with Tune Audio and also VPI. The Greek hornspeakers benefited from newly designed tower subwoofers. Dan Wright had brought both phono and digital to support a VPI table and streaming MacBook. During my second visit on Saturday, the sound here was very good and actually eclipsed last year’s. These Tune Audio horns are fantastic. So are these electronics.
Amazon / ModWright / Signal Projects / Tune Audio
If someone little tub, go ahead – Tune Auio Anima supported, by the horn subwoofer driven by Pulse famous for its musicality and recognizable design electronics Mod Wrigta could shake half of the exhibition. Apparently KWA 150 Signature does not belong to giants, but with the columns of the effectiveness of 109 dB when you turn on the AC / DC converter generates offered truly stadium volume levels and perhaps only by “marine ropes” Signal Projects system did not remove himself from the ground. Word Avantgarde are worthy opponent and considering that the aforementioned. system offered not only hellish power, but finesse, the result of such a duel would many a surprise.


It’s likely that the massive ModWright transistor amp overdamped his light-membrane drivers with their powerful motors a bit. Knowing what the Anima were capable of, I wasn’t troubled. This still was very fine musical and very meaty sound like Boenicke and soundkaos, simply scaled up for a bigger space. It only lacked ultimate resolution and airiness (i.e. some ‘hifi sound’ qualities which one ultimately hopes to clone atop the mandatory musical foundation of tone mass and dynamics). Dan Wright’s gear of course was dead quiet into these noise-tracking transducers to credit his consummate design chops.


Tune-Audio is your Anima horns, and Pulse Subwoofer very successfully weaves with ModWright Instruments electronics. Speed, openness and frightening natural stage adorned sound. Certainly the best edition of Anima that I have had the opportunity to experience.


Relatively new to me were the 32k Tune Audio Anima horn-loaded loudspeakers driven by the Lars II amp. The Animas were coupled to a huge  15k downward-firing, horn-loaded Anima subwoofer that blended very well with the main speakers. The system sounded fantastic on concert grand – very natural with superb timbre and scale. It was also sensational on trumpet, choir, and organ. Indeed, the new Avantgardes aside (I couldn’t get in to hear them – the room was that crowded!), these may be the best horn speaker I’ve ever heard! They were certainly BOS contenders.
The Absolute Sound – Jonathan Valin


…was in my opinion one of the most interesting alliances of the show.
6moons – Joel Chevassus


One of the standout rooms for me. The sound in the room was very impressive indeed being deep, controlled and insightful and “sweet” with solo instruments  my notes say beautiful! Definitely a sound I could live with…
HiFi Pig


A sound massive, large, grand …”


I was very impressed with the sound of Tune Audio’s Anima (32k), three way fully horn loaded loudspeakers from Greece; they produced an open, dynamic and uncompressed sound that was naturally presented much like live music.
Stereo Times – Kim Ken video


Best Sound
HiFidelity – Wojciech Pacula


Eye Candy! The highly efficient Tune Audio Anima horn loudspeakers (109 dB) of Greece, and their new actively driven sub nicknamed the “Pulse” were driven by a pair of Aries Cerat huge mono amps to impressive results. No, I didn’t get the chance to listen at length this year due to this room being so overly busy. But from the short time spent, I could tell there was a lot to like in these outlandishly designed components.
Stereo Times – Clement Perry


Tune Audio showed their Anima 3-way horns with active Pulse horn-loaded subwoofer. Electronics were by Aries Cerat. This was my favorite system by far. It was wildly impractical and desirous of space and funds I don’t have of course. But that’s the fun of attending shows. One makes encounters of the 4th kind which, though short-lived, confirm what’s achievable to reset personal goals at home. I’d been impressed with Tune Audio already at their first showing during the Athen hifi show. In a rather larger space in Munich this first impression merely compounded. Best Sound of the Show? From what I heard -which was a small fraction- absolutely.
6moons – Srajan Ebaen


I’ve auditioned the Aries Cerat Exsequor Reference tube amplifier paring with Tuneaudio horn speakers; the sound is extreme clean, transparent and dynamic.
6moons – Joel Chevassus


Another of our favorite heart. Strength. Matter, grain rendering.


Tune Audio horn and electronic Cerat Aries: the Palme d’Or in the presentation esoteric, but also for musical performances of the highest quality.


Tune Audio Anima horn (right) combined with Aries Cerat amplification was entirely beside the best in the show.


#1 best sound of the show
Sound & Vision #459


The Anima from Greek manufacturer Tune Audio driven by Cosmos tube amps from the same stable, managed to overcome many of the limitations of its location to make very agreeable sounds. The Anima claimed to be mechanically time-aligned, certainly sounded more coherent than many.
Stereophile August 2010 – Markus Sauer

In my opinion was the best sound of the show.
HiTech #165 – Paris Kotsis